Kabaka Celebrates 68 Years, Encourages Healthy Living

The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II Celebrated his 68 birthday in Mengo palace, Kampala.

The event had a small number of guests due to the Covid 19 pandemic and the fear of spreading it.

On Thursday, many guests flocked to the venue to celebrate the Birthday with the king while those who were not invited attended the party through different media such as TV and social media.

In his, The kabaka encouraged his people to test and get to know their HIV status and avoid smoking Tobacco. “We encourage you to test for HIV, and seek treatment but also avoid abusing drugs.

The Kabaka also emphasized togetherness as a people. “Unity is a foundation to our success and I request you to keep united,” he said.

We appreciate those who gave us various gifts and also prayed for us to ensure the smoothness of the function. We appreciate the love and unity of our people and also the fact that they listen to us without falling back.

The Katikkiro (Prime Minister of Buganda also added to the Kabaka’s voice and encouraged the people to keep clean so that they avoid diseases and also go to the hospital for general check up even if they do not feel ill. “We warn you about the dangers of eating very sweet things that have a lot of salt and fat, drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking Cigarettes”. He said

“We also encourage you to take up some exercises which is a trend now that many people do”. He added giving an example of the Kabaka himself who normally does early morning jogging and is known for that by the people of Buganda.


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