Tina Fierce Mulogo!! Sheila Gashumba swallows pride and lowers prices at her online shop, Gash Luxe

Fore warned is indeed fore armed. Not so long ago, Tina Fierce came out and poked at Sheila Gashumba. She mentioned that Sheila was over pricing the products she was selling at her online shop, Gash Luxe.

This was after a successful grand opening of the shop with an extra touch of drama from her father Frank Gashumba and her boyfriend Rickman Manrick.

There was also a concerned netizen who came out and cautioned Sheila about her pricing strategy, saying she over priced her products and if she wants to win market, she needs to lower the prices a bit. Sheila made a clap back, saying if there was anyone who wanted her to cut her prices then they were not her target consumers.

She mentioned that she would not cut prices or deal with anyone who bargains because she did not bargain with anyone while starting up her venture. Even when she was termed arrogant, she did not care as she stood firm on her decision as a new CEO.

“I posted this and I will post it again!! Prices at Gash Luxe are fixed!! When I was working on that store, never did I even bargain with even the interior designer because I respect everyone’s job,” she said back then.

Well it seems like socialite and media personality, Sheilah Gashumba has finally decided to chew her own words in a bid to boost her struggling clothing business. This came after she announced that she was cutting sales.

According to netizens, it is either business is not moving as she earlier envisioned, or she’s trying to give back to her customers. This is after she announced a 20% cut-off on all products there for the entire month of April.

“Our 20% off discount goes from 1st to 30th April. The offer is on for all our old stock. Y’all come through,” she said via Snapchat.

Ugandans being Ugandans  were quick to come to the conclusion that it seems the shop isn’t doing well because she’s now turning to the same people she looked down on to come and support her.


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