Ray of hope: UNRA purchases six new mobile service Trucks for road maintenance.

Uganda National Roads Authority (URA) has purchased a fleet of six mobile station trucks that will be distributed across their regional offices around the country.

“We’ve acquired a new fleet of mobile station trucks to support road maintenance operations and ensure efficient service delivery across our entire road network. This allows for repairs on-site; especially useful in remote areas or during emergency repairs”. The Authority said.

The UNRA Executive Director, Allen Kagina inspected an amphibious excavator designed to operate in challenging terrains including wetlands, swamps, and low-lying areas.

the amphibious excavator will be deployed to any area of our road network that may be submerged, including landing sites and low-lying areas according to the UNRA officials.

Last year, UNRA announced that it had lined up 22 roads in different parts of the country that were set to be upgraded in order to help increase on the number of tarmacked roads in the country.


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