Ladies and gentlemen We confirm to you that Rema Is Pregnant Again

City tycoon and chairman of the Kwagalana Group Don Kirumira has confirmed that songstress, Rema Namakula is pregnant again. According to the tycoon, the singer is constantly vomiting these days.

He added that soon a mega wedding will be happening for Rema and her husband Dr Hamza Ssebunya. Kirumira added that they are as excited about it as the public.

Apparently, this wedding could have happened a while ago but COVID-19 foiled their plans. He went ahead to reveal that they had planned for Rema to sing 5 more years and retire.

However, with the pandemic destabilizing everything, they added her 10 more years in the industry. After this, she will have to settle home and be a housewife.

He also appreciated her for looking after the husband because he looks so good these days.

“Rema and Dr Hamza’s marriage is currently going so well and a wedding is on the corner. We are as excited about it as their fans. It would have already happened if it wasn’t for COVID-19. We had planned for Rema to spend about 5 years in the music business and retire. However, because of COVID-19, we added 10 more to compensate for the time.

They have decided to first develop themselves as holy marriage comes along. They have a beautiful family and Rema these days vomits a lot. So we are awaiting another bundle of joy.

When she retires from music, she will look after Dr Hamza. He looks so good these days because of her,” said Kirumira.

It should be noted that the tycoon was the chairman of Rema and Hamza’s marriage plans in 2019. Kirumira also complimented Kenzo and Hamza’s newborn friendship.

He revealed that these are two smart grown men. Each moved on and this is why they are very good friends now.


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