Fik Fameica opens up about allegations of chewing Lydia Jazmine

Local rapper Shafik Walukagga aka Fik Fameica has opened up about rumors of feasting on fellow singer Lydia Jazmine’s delicious sumbie. It should be recalled that the two musicians were so close a few years ago. This led to some people concluding that the Lock singer was feasting on Nabawanuka’s Nambaale.

The two even made a song together titled Binji. The rumors were so widespread that even one local TV presenter alleged that Fik had chewed the Kapeesa singer tubeless and ballooned her.

The result was the singer aborting the pregnancy. The two however vehemently came out and denied this. Jazmine even threatened to take legal action against this TV presenter who was Ibrah K Mukasa who came out and apologized.

Fik however while appearing on Galaxy FM denied these rumors. He revealed that he has never dated any female musician in the country. However, he doesn’t understand why the media likes spreading these baseless lies.

“I have never been in a romantic relationship with any female musician. I don’t know why the media keeps spreading these rumors, but the truth is that I have never been involved with any of them,” Fik Fameica said.

Despite these denials, a video of the two singers kissing last year emerged on the internet. The curvy and gorgeous Jazmine was seen planting a kiss on the rapper’s lips before she walked away. This arose the dust that the two indeed had a fling. However, they are no longer as tight as they used to be ever since these rumors started becoming a lot.


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