Nze amasasi abiri (2) gamala okujawo obulamu bwange – Tamale Mirundi Junior speaks

Tamale Mirundi Junior also known as Mirundi Junior after quitting blogging particularly his daily political analysis and commentary on his Facebook live videos and different interviews with different bloggers and YouTubers, he has publicly informed his unknown murderers to only shoot him two bullets on the heart when his time come.

The  psychologist who currently works with Ministry of Lands and son to popular journalist and author Tamale Mirundi who served as the media and relation adviser to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said this in a video after he was put on the list of the next to killed personals.

This is all happening after blogger Isma Olaxess was shot dead by unknown people/ person in Kayanja his residential area a few days ago.

After his death, different people where given a serious warning of being more vigilant on their lives and movements. These include Tamale Mirundi Junior himself, Frank Gashumba, and more that until now don’t understand why they were put at the front of the list.

Mirundi Junior says when his time come, two bullets will be enough to end his life and not a full magazine as it’s usually done to the deceased that lost their lives in the saga.

He on that requested them not to ever spoil his car as they did to Isma’s on that giving him time to say goodbye to his mother and locating her where he will have left his car keys.


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