IRC reports high malnutrition in refugee camps ahead of the world Nutrition day

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) has raised a red flag over the dire consequences of acute malnutrition in Uganda’s refugee camps.

according to data collected from the different Rescue committee facilities and service points across the five settlements, a close to 6000 malnutrition cases were recorded in 2021 rising to 9,300 in 2022 with majority of the cases being children and women

the statement from the committee indicates that in the Frist quarter of 2023, over 2000 cases have been recorded indicating a worrying trend.

According to elijah Okeyo, the RC Uganda country directoer notted that the situation in Uganda’s refuge settlements needs additional resources to fund critical delivery services.

People who fled violence and instability in South Sudan in 2017 coming to Uganda made the refugee population in Uganda more than double from 500,000 to more than 1.25 million at the time making the country host to the world’s fastest growing refugee emergency.


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