Lydia Jazmine explains the reason behind her taking a break from music

Songstress Lydia Nabawanuka more known as Lydia Jazmine has revealed why she took a music break for a couple of months. It should be noted that the singer took 9 months minus releasing a song, a thing that put her fans in disarray.

Lydia Jazmine had last released a song, Kapeesa in May last year. Her latest song Omuliro was released this year in February. The singer said that she took some time off to rebrand, rethink and re-strategize.

The singer advised other musicians to also do the same. They should take some time off to refresh their minds and now she’s back with a bang and refreshed. Jazmine also said that there are other reasons she took a music break and she will be revealing them with time.

“I think I took 9 months off my music last, releasing a song in May. My latest song was released in February. I had taken some time off to refresh and to rebrand.

I’m now back bigger and better. Besides, I would also advise other musicians to also do the same, taking some time off to refresh their careers,” said the Masuukka singer.

Jazmine also narrated how she’s set to perform in Canada very soon. She said that she’s performed in a couple of foreign countries but she’s not yet been able to perform in Canada and she’s very happy about it.

Further, the singer said that she joined the UNMF. According to her, she was invited and decided to give it a try and so far so good. Apparently, the copyright law is what they want to strengthen because musicians have suffered for so long and have also been cheated. She denied having any knowledge that there was money given out there.


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