BIKAAYE! Abamerica nabangeleza bamye speaker Among Visa lwakuwagila teeka elirwanyisa ebisiyaga

The US has revoked the visa of Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament, with lawmaker Asuman Basalirwa saying “Anita Among is the first victim” of likely sanctions after the East African nation lawed an anti-LGBTQ legislation.

“The speaker’s current visa have been cancelled and this is confirmed in an email,” Basalirwa who moved the Bill said.

Quoting the said email shortly after it became known that President Museveni brushed aside pressure from the West and rights groups to sign the anti-*** Bill into law, Basalirwa added that:

Related “The US government has revoked your (Among) current visa on information that came available after your last issuance,” he said as he displayed a printout of the apparent mail to journalists at Parliament.

“As of May 12, 2023, you (Among) don’t possess a valid visa to the US although you are welcome to apply again,” he said as he displayed a printout of the mail to journalists at parliament.

According to Basalirwa, the speaker has been encouraged to forward her passport to the US Embassy through the ministry of foreign affairs [MFA] for necessary modifications to her visa.

“I think they were looking for my visa for the US but they didn’t find it. So, the first victim is the speaker,” the Bugiri Municipality MP observed.


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