WE DON’T WANT YOUR ‘BISIYAGA’ MONEY: Ugandan University Students Tell Off Joe Biden In Protest March Against US Aid Cut, Travel Ban Threats Over Anti-Homosexuality Act

A group of Ugandan university students marched to the country’s Parliament building in the capital Kampala in a peaceful demonstration meant to tell US President Joe Biden and his government that the impoverished East African nation would do without aid conditioned on LGBTQI rights.

The students, about 100 in number and drawn from more than 10 universities across the country, also sought to tell Biden and his administration that threats of travel bans for President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, Parliament Speakers and MPs opposed to LGBTQI rights would not work and that they would rally behind their leaders to fight homosexuality.

In their demonstration, the students were guided by security officers, a rare scene on the Ugandan streets where protesters are normally greeted with tear gas and beatings from police officers and the military.

Organizers of the demo made it clear that their intention was to salute Gen Museveni, Speaker Anita Among, her deputy Thomas Tayebwa and legislators for boldly passing the Anti-Homosexuality Act. Weeks ago, Museveni returned the bill to the House for reconsideration after which he gave his assent.

The students also told the US government and other Ugandan partners that the country was not interested in aid money that has strings attached to allowing homosexuality acts in Uganda.

They said that they loved their country more than money and were interested in seeing Uganda thrive without being polluted by LGBTQ1 vices.

After Museveni assented to the Anti-Homosexuality Act, President Biden revealed that the US Administration would soon issue sanctions, travel bans and aid cuts for Uganda.


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