Mamuli katumba agugumbudde Sheebah Karungi mulumbe lwa Kato Lubwama

Some unpleasant scenes played out Wednesday night at the home of departed artist Kato Lubwama, where mourners converged to pay their respects.

Mourner after mourner took the mic to sing praises to the fallen comedian, dramatist, radio personality, singer and politician for his immeasurable contribution toward developing Uganda’s music and performance arts.

But when it was his turn to speak, veteran Kadongo Kamu singer Mamuli Katumba riled up the mourners as he aimed some barbed remarks toward Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) vice president Sheebah Karungi.

A feeble looking but visibly irritated Katumba dug back up an incident in April 2023, where he was allegedly assaulted by the former TNS singer in one of the first meetings of the federation.

During the meeting, according to reports, Katumba had raised his hand to speak when Karungi shut him down, before ordering security to throw him out.

The veteran singer said yesterday, that the incident was not only humiliating but also caused his bad health to deteriorate.

What I have gathered now is that they didn’t want me to speak because I am NUP,” charged Katumba, who spoke while seated due to his poor health.

Someone just called me and said that if you are NUP, you cannot be allowed space in that federation to speak.”

Katumba however, thanked the Federation president Eddy Kenzo for intervening in the melee and helping him calm down.

I tell you mourners that if it wasn’t for Kenzo getting me out of that room, I’d be in Luzira now because I was going to rip Sheeba’s hair off her head. And I will never forgive her for disrespecting me. Most of these young singers have no idea how far we have come with this art industry.”

Katumba also thanked the late Lubwama who, he said, has been offering him free medical support ever since the April incident.

Lubwama, passed away on Wednesday morning following a suspected cardiac-related complication. He will be laid to rest on Wednesday June 14, at his home in Nkozi


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