Rema Namakula’s Father’s Day Message to Husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya

Father’s Day this year fell on 18th June 2023 and the fathers globally are the focus of the day. This day is marked by children honouring all their father figures in their lives through messages and a variety of gifts.

On the other side, wives laud their husbands on behalf of their children who may be unable to convey the message to their fathers.

As the nation celebrates Father’s Day, Rema Namakula heaped praise on her husband Dr. Hamza for a job well done as a father via her social media accounts.

Rema noted that they are very fortunate to have Hamza in their life and thanked Allah for blessing them with a father like him before wishing the fathers who understand and execute their duties well.

Happy Father’s day Mwami Sebunya. My papito we are very lucky to have you. How u manage to make each of us feel special is unexplainable. We give thanks to Allah for you Daddy. Byonna obimala taata waffe And to all Father’s out there who understand their duties and execute them. Rema Namakula


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