No woman can call a poor man “baby or honey” — Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries has called upon his congregation to reject poverty, emphasizing that it is not a blessing. According to Bugingo, Jesus liberated humanity from the grips of poverty, and therefore, individuals should strive for prosperity.

Bugingo humorously delivered his point by stating that poor men are rarely shown respect or sweet terms in relationships or marriages.

“A poor man is rarely referred to as ‘baby.’ They are usually addressed by their name. Only those who possess riches earn sweet names like ‘baby’ or ‘honey’,” he said.

Bugingo expressed his belief that some individuals have willingly embraced a life of poverty without making efforts to improve their situation.

“If that is your conscious choice, then it is acceptable, as it is the path you have chosen. However, if you have become impoverished due to circumstances beyond your control, such as oppression or other external factors, then it is not acceptable. You have the right to change your situation,” he explained.


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