‘I don’t have vocal ability’ – Vinka compares herself to Irene Ntale

Vinka, real name Veronica Lugya Nakiyingi, was hosted on Galaxy F.M.’s Evening Rush by D.J. Nimrod and LittleJoe.

Nimrod: Are there some things that Irene did that you could do better?

Vinka: I don’t think so. I don’t think so.

Nimrod: Be honest.

Vinka: Honestly, I don’t think so because we are two different people. We are two different artistes. Irene is a guitarist, she is a vocalist. I can’t sing like her.

LittleJoe: What are you?

Vinka: “I’m a musician, but I’m not as vocal. I don’t have vocal ability.”

LittleJoe: So, you’ve accepted that Irene is vocally good?

Vinka: And neither can she sound like me…

Littlejoe: So, that means you are better?

Vinka: it’s not about being better. There are notes she hits that I can’t, and there are those I hit that she can’t. So we are different… Irene is good let’s accept.

Vinka used to be Irene Ntale’s manager at Swangz Avenue until the latter decided to also try her luck in the music industry.

Vinka’s decision would end up splitting the two and she recently revealed that the end was acrimonious.

In 2017, the duo collaborated on a song titled Stylo but Irene Ntale refused to participate in the filming of the video. She showed up at the filming venue, but threw tantrums a few minutes into the shoot and left. She would quit the music label she had joined in 2013 that very year.

Ntale has not released notable music since quitting Swangz Avenue in 2017, but Vinka has turned into a household name since she made a decision to sing in 2016.


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