Lwasa Brags, Shares Photo Of Bwaguuga Blessed Dianah Nabatanzi

Masaka tycoon, Emmanuel Lwasa Kaweesi has bragged after sharing a photo of blessed BBS Terefayina presenter, Dianah Nabatanzi. Lwasa has been attacking Nabatanzi, calling her all sorts of names after she mercilessly dumped him in 2019.

When Desire Luzinda relocated to the US, Lwasa started dating Diana Nabatanzi. However, the BBS TV presenter never wanted people to see her with Lwasa. All the years they spent together, Lwasa never took a photo with Nabatanzi.

The tycoon pushed Nabatanzi to produce for him a child in vain. They bitterly parted ways and to show her financial muscle, the tycoon visited Angel Kwakunda’s parents in Luwero. As usual, Lwasa dumped her and has since dated more than three babes.

Since yesterday, a photo of Nabatanzi meeting her fans has been trending on social media. From the photo, what stands out with the bulging bwaguuga.

Lwasa took time and shared the trending photo of Nabatanzi and captioned it “Ekifanaanyi kinno kinkuteeko 🫠 nyooo!!! Eeeh🤭🤭!! Nze nzeeka amaanyi (This photo has touched me so much, i’m the only one who knows)”



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