Fifi da Queen names self, 4 others as most influential women on Ugandan social media

Former Bukedde TV and radio presenter Fifi da Queen said there’s only about five women who wield real power on Ugandan social media platforms, and that she is their president.

The babbling media personality and actress named the five female social media movers as herself, TV host Faridah Nakazibwe, socialites Zari the Bosslady and Bad Black as well as singer Rema Namakula.

She says other women celebrities such Don Zella and Betty Nambooze do come close to the list but are not as powerful and consistent as the aforementioned top five.

I am one of the very few women who have real influence in real life and on social media, in that anything, if it has my name on it, it will move. So in Uganda, it is me, Zari, Bad Black, Faridah and Rema, and I am their president,” said Fifi in a Tuesday July 11 interview.

I have been off (mainstream) media for over two years now but I still trend more than most of those who are still on TV. I think it is God’s favor.”

These women, she says, have the power to direct and control discourse on all social media platforms for weeks.

We can move the wave to wherever we want it, and that is where everyone’s attention will be. People will listen and they’ll bow. A woman like Faridah has the ability to control debate on social media for a month across all platforms,” she said.

In April 2020, Fifi left Bukedde TV where she had worked for nine years on different shows. It was reported that she had gotten herself in trouble with her bosses over alleged links to opposition politicians.

In yesterday’s interview, she dispelled the claim that she was fired, but confirmed that her bosses were unhappy every time she mentioned NUP President Bobi Wine’s name.

Most of my problems were about talking about Bobi Wine’s name. I was always before the disciplinary committee because of it,” she said.

Fifa also alleged that at some point her bosses started treating her as their competition and a threat, which forced her to quit.


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