REST IN PEACE FORMER MP HUSSEIN KYANJO | What you should know about late Hussein Kyanjo

Former Makindye West lawmaker Hussein Kyanjo has died, per early Saturday morning reports. By press time, his body was at Kibuli Hospital where he reportedly died from.

Kyanjo was a prominent outspoken opposition Justice Forum (JEEMA) party politician until 2011 when he suffered a strange illness he personally linked to poisoning in an interview with this publication.

Who is Hussein Kyanjo? Hussein Kyanjo was a Ugandan politician, businessman, and one of the founders of Justice Forum (JEEMA), a political party based in Uganda. He served as the Member of Parliament for Makindye West for two terms that’s 2006-2011 then 2011-2016.

At the time he joined parliament, he promised to only serve for two terms and return to his private businesses and indeed he lived up to his promise.

He narrates that one of the factors that made him a good legislator is avid reading. Kyanjo read a lot of literature extensively and this widened his knowledge and understanding as regards leadership and governance. He used to read the materials stocked at parliament.

Hussein Kyanjo was born in Ntuuma, Bukomansimbi District in 1960 to Hajji Siliman Zirabamuzaale Jakana and Mariam Nabuuma.  He is the seventh born in a family of 10 children.

Kyanjo attended Ntuuma primary school in Bukomansimbi, Bilal Islamic School Bwaise, a Kampala City suburb from where he attained Islamic education (Madarasa), Mbuulire primary school, Kako Primary School where he received his Primary Leaving Examination Certificate in 1975, and then Masaka Secondary School from where he received both his O’ & A’ Level certificates.

Thereafter, in 1983, Kyanjo joined Makerere University graduating with a Degree in Industrial and Fine Art.

Before joining politics Hussein Kyanjo worked as a graphics designer in a self-owned entity including supplying printing materials till he was voted into parliament in 2006 to serve as the MP for Makindye East Constituency Kampala City division.

Kyanjo’s first encounter with elective politics was in 2001, as the Makindye MP, but lost the race to Yusuf Nsambu. However, he returned in 2006 where he achieved victory as the Makindye West legislator.

Kyanjo was JEEMA’s spokesperson and a campaign manager of JEEMA’s presidential candidate, Kibirige Mayanja in 2001. His politics were leadership fair play, not the politics of gaining and he was an advocate for justice for the oppressed Ugandans.

He as well served as a news anchor for the Muslim community in the 80s & 90s at Nakasero Tabliq Mosque delegated by the Amir Dawa Sheikh Yunus Kamoga. Kyanjo’s role was to seek vital news in and outside Uganda in relation to Islam and present them during prayer hours.

While at Parliament, Kyanjo served as a shadow Minister in charge of the presidency. He was one of the sounding legislators in the 8th and 9th parliament. He also served as a member of the defence committee at Parliament.

He was one of the dedicated legislators that played a visible role in the heated oil bribery claims that rocked parliament at the turn of 2011.

Kyanjo was a very popular panellist in the banned open-air live broadcast radio debates titled Bimeeza. During his time at Parliament, he was the only legislator representing the Justice Forum (JEEMA), one of the vicious opposition figures and very uncompromising legislator.

As a legislator, Kyanjo says he received various pieces of training on conduct as an MP including searching for a skilled and experienced legislator Emmanuel Pinto who shaped him on how to deal with anger and the press. He as well made efforts to visit the House of Commons where he met Jack Straw who also trained him.

One of his precious moments at Parliament was the time he maintained his position when the government of Uganda desired to sell off Mabira Forest. He and other legislators stood their ground against selling off Mabira.

He led various Demonstrations that landed him at Luzira Prison. However, he does not regret what happened to him because it paid him much, and Mabira forest was spared.

Also, Kyanjo fought against army representation in parliament coming from one region of Uganda. He sought balance for all regions in the country.

Nevertheless, Kyanjo is still very instrumental in the struggle for good governance in Uganda, an outstanding politician always referred to as the refined African politician. Kyanjo is one of the politicians who broadly criticize President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni without fear.

In 1996, Kyanjo was appointed by the American Embassy, American Council for Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) to be one of the election observers of USA elections that propelled Bill Clinton to power for the second term.


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