TUFUDDE | TikToker Arthur Kayima Sugar daddy amukubye e kiddala e Bungereza

Famous Ugandan Tiktoker Arthur Kayima has taken his relationship with a fellow man to the next level. He recently moved to the United Kingdom and he already found love that is ready for marriage.

When Arthur Kayima was leaving, he had interviews with different media houses. He denied being gay saying he has a son and wouldn’t want to get involved in such things.

But after moving to the UK, everything changed instantly he joined the gay community.

He wasn’t happy when the Uganda government signed the anti homosexuality bill. He was among the people who were saying Ugandans have no rights especially the homesexuals.

Now there is a video making rounds on social media showing that he has been married off to an old man.

The details of the wedding haven’t been showed but it is clear that he is no longer single.

Here is the video;


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