VIDEO | Sunna Ben Nkumaze Oli munanfuusi, Lil Pazo Abottodde Ebyaama

Struggling singer Lil Pazzo Lunabe has insisted that radio presenter and deejay Suuna Ben is very manipulative. These two have been friends but they have always kept their friendship behind cameras.

These all started when the singer helped Suuna Ben to get to Kampala and secure a job with one of vision group’s media houses.

Now that Suuna Ben has made it to the top of his game, Lil Pazzo wants to be given the flowers he deserves. Unfortunately, he is not getting them and that has annoyed him.

Over the last few weeks, has said this radio presenter wouldn’t have forgotten to where he is without his help. However, Suuna also went to the media and asked Lil Pazzo to stop talking about him and telling everyone how he doesn’t appreciate him.

He said they have always sat down as friends and advised each other on how to make it in life. He said Pazzo would have approached him in a one-on-one talk rather than going to the media and speaking only bad things about him.

Pazzo has also defended himself saying Suuna is very manipulative. They have worked together and instead of paying him good money, he has just given him peanuts.

“Suuna Ben is my big brother but he is very manipulative. He has always given me peanuts or even not paid me after working together. But when he is on camera, he pretends to be a very good person,”


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