SAD! Families await recovery of loved ones’ bodies after Lake Victoria boat tragedy

A scene of heart-wrenching emotion, desperation, and tears unfolded at the Kasenyi landing site, where over 50 individuals, comprising friends and families of the missing persons, have gathered.

They awaited news of the recovery of their loved ones’ bodies after a tragic boat accident on Lake Victoria that occurred on Wednesday. Marine police and divers are working tirelessly to locate the missing bodies amidst the cloud of grief.

The landing site is enveloped in an aura of sorrow as families and friends congregate, clinging to the hope that their dear ones will be found and returned to them.

Each boat’s arrival at the site prompted a rush of anticipation, with mourners anxiously checking for any sign of their lost relatives.

Amidst this somber atmosphere, individuals clutched photographs of their missing loved ones, forming small huddles as they exchange whispered conversations, likely contemplating when they will finally reunite with their family members.

One such grieving parent is Rosemary Okum, who has endured a long night of waiting for the return of her 25-year-old son’s body. Her eyes reflect a mixture of sorrow, longing, and hope as she joins the other mourners in this agonizing vigil.

“It’s a painful wait, but all we can do now is hope and pray for their safe return,” Okum shared, her voice laden with emotion.

Among the survivors of the tragic incident is Mukisa Abaas, who struggled to recount his harrowing survival story. The survivors’ tales serve as a painful reminder of the lives lost and the trauma endured by those who managed to make it back to shore.

Stephen Kavuma, the LC3 Chairperson of Kyamuswa subcounty, standing just a few meters away from the site of the tragedy provided a somber update on the recovery efforts, revealing that three bodies have been retrieved so far. However, with an estimated 30 people on board and only nine survivors, the number of casualties is feared to exceed 20.

Local fishermen, who are well acquainted with the waters of Lake Victoria, share insights into the challenging task of recovering bodies from the depths of the lake. They reveal that, typically, it takes around three to four days to locate and retrieve bodies that have submerged in the lake’s waters.

There is optimism that the remaining bodies might be recovered on either Friday or Saturday, providing a glimmer of hope for the grieving families.

As the heartbroken families and friends continue their vigil at the Kasenyi landing site, the entire community mourns the tragic loss of lives and prays for the safe recovery of the missing bodies.

The boat accident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with Lake Victoria’s waters, and the collective hope now rests on the efforts of the marine police and divers working tirelessly to bring closure to the grieving families.


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