Winnie Nwagi’s Soul And Mine Are Connected Deeply – Chozen Blood

Handsome singer Chozen Blood is not about to give up on his relationship with Swangz Avenue songstress Winnie Nwagi. He has now come out to say their souls are deeply connected like it has never happened to any other lady in his life.

Chozen Blood welcomed his first child in 2020. He showed off his baby girl as she was celebrating her first birthday.

However, the mother of the child was kept as a secret up to now. No one knows anything about her because the photos he posts are only about him and his daughter.


The singer has been rumored to be dating Winnie Nwagi. It all started when they did a song together in 2018 known as ‘Yitawo’. Nwagi’s house maid spilled the secrets in the media saying Chozen Blood was coming over at Nwagi’s apartment multiple times. She said he was even having sleep overs.

The singer denied the allegations claiming her house maid was just saying all that to spoil her name after firing her.

Another incident came up when Chozen came to the media with a recorded audio from a certain man alleged to be Winnie Nwagi’s boyfriend.

He was being threatened to leave the lady alone. This  meant they have been seeing each other behind cameras.

Recently he also said he hasn’t been on good terms with Winnie Nwagi and it has been hurting him. He revealed they have a very deep connection which he doesn’t want to lose.

“Winnie Nwagi’s soul and mine connected deeply. I have never had that connection with any lady and I pray we keep together,” he said.


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