TUFUDDE!! Obutambi bwa sheilah Gashumba ne Rickman bufulumye

Singer Rickman and girlfriend media personality Sheilah Gashumba’s more videos have been released on social media.

Rickman and Sheila Gashumba have been together for two years almost and their relationship blossoms everyday.

People have been wondering how they are doing it because Sheilah looks to be a busy lady always on a plane and work without time to cook for her boyfriend.

According to Rickman Manrick, Sheila Gashumba is a good girlfriend in that even cooking she is the best.

He said people might judge her by looks and the way she behaves in public but in reality she is one of the partners.

Rickman said apart from his late grand mother’s food, Sheila Gashumba is the second best in cooking for him.


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