My Husband Told Me To Look For A Man To Satisfy Me Because Of This

Susan a mother of two from Muranga has narrated how her husband asked her to look for a man to satisfy her needs, She says that her husband was addicted to masturbation.

According to her, she met her husband in a church during youth service from different churches and they became friends and later lovers and they had a wedding. They were later blessed with a kid.

She says that she got married with one kid and the in-laws didn’t want their son to marry a woman who was not his tribe. She says that she started noticing her husband was behaving differently when he started watching pornographic videos in her presence.

She says that it reached a point where her husband was not interested in her and when she used to ask him what was wrong he would do it in front of her and ask her to go get a man who could satisfy her needs since she was still beautiful.

Susan says that her marriage ended after her husband told her he wanted to leave her and marry another woman from their tribe, After she called the in-laws to inform them they already knew and they supported their son.

She says that her husband packed his clothes and left a note for her while she was at work, She says that it’s has been almost two years now and she has never heard from him. She has been doing manual work to feed and educate her kids.


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