YIINO EMBAGA MAWUUNO | Omusajja awasiza abakazi 7 omulundi gumu

In a weekend spectacle that left onlookers in awe, Hajji Habibu Nsikonnene embarked on a matrimonial journey, exchanging vows with not one, not two, but an astounding seven brides in a single ceremony.

The event happened in Kijjo Namasengere village, Mukono district. According to Habibu, he was initially introduced to each of his women’s parents before convening a collective ceremony at his own residence.

A viral video that has taken social media by storm captures the moment when each bride gracefully took her place in a personalized vehicle, displaying the names of the wives; Rashidah, Aisha, Fatuma, Shanifah, Mariam, Zainah, and yet another Aisha.

The Muslim faith honours polygamy but imposes a limit of four wives per husband. However, Habibu defied the norms, citing his enduring relationships with his women, spanning a minimum of four years, as the unshakable reason behind his commitment. “My wives harbour no jealousy amongst themselves,” he declared with pride.

However, Habibu made it clear that his union with seven wives is far from the conclusion of his marital journey. “I am still young, and should the opportunity arise, I won’t hesitate to marry another woman,” he said.


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