Bobi Wine is a Murundi, he is not a Muganda — Frank Gashumba Frank Gashumba has added another twist

Vocal commentator and MK Movement Vice Chairperson Frank Gashumba has added another twist to National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s controversial ‘tribal’ comments in Luweero. Gashumba now says that Bobi Wine is not a Muganda by tribe but a Murundi.

While addressing his supporters in Luweero last week, Bobi Wine claimed that there was a plot to end his life but said his ‘people’ know what to do to avenge.

Bobi Wine also said he had gone to Luweero to remind the people of Buganda King Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s message that they should not sleep but remain awake.

It is public knowledge that Bobi Wine is a Muganda by tribe. By population figures, Baganda are Uganda’s largest tribe. Bobi Wine pays his allegiance to the Kabaka and the kingdom.

But according to Gashumba, who also heads the Abavandimwe (Banyarwanda) fraternity in Uganda, Bobi Wine is not a Muganda but a Murundi, with his roots in Burundi.

“A number of people claim they are Ugandans but some are not,” Gashumba told NBS Frontline. “I know that Kyagulanyi has his roots in Burundi and is a Murundi, 100 percent.”

But Gashumba did not give details and evidence to prove his claim. He also insisted that many Baganda clans such as Ente (cow) have their roots in Rwanda.

Museveni has also previously argued that he can do without Banyankore around him and that his critics should not drag the UPDF in their ‘tribal nonsense.’ He also argued that it was wrong to say that Westerners have dominated government jobs.


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