Don’t Try To Convince Us That Marriage Is An Epitome Of Success – Faridah Nakazibwe

M edia personality and news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe has asked people to stop trying to convince young girls that marriage is the epitome of success. She said some people have failed because of marriage yet it is a dream of everyone in the world.

Faridah is a single mother of two and a foster mother of Bruno K’s elder daughter Briella Kigundu. She once showcased her relationship in the media but unfortunately, it failed. Ever since that relationship, she has been so quiet and private with her relationships.

There was a rumor making rounds on social media that she was dating singer Bruno K. She however laughed it off saying they are best friends and nothing can separate them.

Recently Bruno K has been in the media for impregnating a lady known as Dorah and abandoning her. Rumor had it that Dorah wanted Bruno K to marry her after getting pregnant. When the singer refused, the two broke up but she came to the media and exposed him.

According to Faridah Nakazibwe, girls shouldn’t be lied to that life will be great when they get married. Some people can have successful marriages while others just find it very difficult to be in such marriages.

“Marriage is a beautiful thing 👏🏾. We all want to get married but please, don’t try to convince us that it’s the epitome of success. We have seen people whose downfall was marriage,”she tweeted.


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