I Will Send Chameleone into Retirement Like I Did to Bobi Wine if he dares to Battle with Me – Bebe Cool Warns

Music maestro, Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has publicly declared his intention to retire fellow artist Jose Chameleone, echoing his past triumph over Bobi Wine in 2012.

This announcement, made amidst electrifying performances at David Lutalo’s Nalongo Concert, has sent shivers throughout the nation, reigniting fervor for a musical clash of epic proportions.

The anticipation for this musical face-off between Ugandan musical giants, Dr. Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool, reached a fever pitch this week as Bebe Cool seized the stage to proclaim his intent. Recalling his previous battle with now-politician Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool hinted at a connection between their showdown and Bobi Wine’s subsequent shift from music to politics, sparking intense speculation and excitement within the Ugandan music community.

While performing at David Lutalo’s Nalongo Concert at Lugogo, Bebe Cool took the mic and confidently declared, “Just like I sent Bobi Wine into the world of politics, mark my words, after our battle, Chameleone will be bidding farewell to the music scene!

Get ready for the retirement party!”The crowd roared with anticipation, envisioning a clash of titans that might shape the course of Ugandan music history.

Bebe Cool, known for his charismatic stage presence, husky voice, and chart-topping hits, didn’t hold back as he challenged Chameleone to a musical duel reminiscent of their past encounters.

Sources close to the artists suggest that negotiations for this much-anticipated battle are already underway, with fans eagerly awaiting confirmation of the event.

Prominent figures within the Ugandan music industry have voiced their excitement about the impending showdown.

Social media platforms are buzzing with fan-created hashtags, memes, and anticipatory messages, with supporters of both artists pledging allegiance to their favorites.


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