David Lutalo Faces Backlash from NUP Supporters Over Political Remarks against Bobi Wine

In a recent turn of events, celebrated musician David Lutalo has found himself in the midst of controversy as supporters of the National Unity Platform (NUP) express their disapproval of his recent comments about their leader, President Bobi Wine.

David Lutalo, who held a series of concerts last month, used the platform to offer his fans some political advice. He discouraged them from venturing into politics, labeling it a “dirty game.” The artist emphasized his own commitment to his music career, stating that he had no intentions of entering the political arena.

These remarks have triggered a vehement reaction from NUP supporters, who have taken to social media and other platforms to criticize Lutalo. Some have even gone as far as dubbing him the “worst musician” simply because he touched on the topic of politics.

For over 15 years, David Lutalo has maintained a prominent position in the music industry, consistently delivering hit songs and captivating performances. Nevertheless, not everyone appears to accept his stance on politics.

The underlying cause of this backlash appears to be the deep political polarization that has taken hold since Bobi Wine’s entry into the political sphere. Many of his ardent supporters have become intolerant of anyone expressing opinions contrary to their own.

It’s not the first time this has happened, as months ago, Alien Skin faced a similar situation when expressing views contrary to the NUP agenda. Now, it is David Lutalo who finds himself as the latest victim of this trend.


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