“I Don’t Seek Your Favor, Support Big Eye and Ronald Mayinja Instead” Alien skin Declines Bobi Wine’s Assistance

In the world of music and politics in Uganda, a recent development has caught the attention of many as Alien Skin, the enigmatic leader of Fangone Forest, has publicly declared that his relationship with Bobi Wine, the famed musician and political figure, is far from amicable.

Alien Skin’s comments mark a striking shift in the dynamics of their interaction. The singer has not only distanced himself from Bobi Wine but has openly criticized him, asserting that he is not ready to accept his counsel at this particular juncture.

In a clear and somewhat surprising message, Alien Skin has conveyed his message to Bobi Wine, urging the President of the National Unity Platform (NUP) to channel his support and mentorship towards other musicians in the industry.

Notably, he specified that Big Eye and Ronald Mayinja should be the beneficiaries of Bobi Wine’s assistance, deliberately excluding himself from this circle.

Alien Skin’s stance appears to be deeply rooted in his belief that he will continue forging his unique path to success. He emphatically states that he managed to ascend to the top of the music industry through his own determination and effort.

This declaration underscores his firm resolve to maintain his artistic and personal independence, choosing not to lean on the support or guidance of any other figure, no matter how influential or well-intentioned they may be.

As the music industry in Uganda continues to evolve and musicians take on more prominent roles in politics and society, Alien Skin’s statement adds another layer to the complex tapestry of relationships and ambitions among artists and leaders.

It remains to be seen how this public divergence of paths between Alien Skin and Bobi Wine will shape the trajectories of their respective careers and influence the broader cultural landscape in Uganda.


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