Bold Move: Alien Skin launches his Fangone Unity Platform to rival Bobi Wine

In a surprising turn of events, Alien Skin, the renowned singer, has taken the leap into the political arena by unveiling his Fangone Unity Platform (FUP) political party, seemingly poised to challenge the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Just a few days ago, the singer made headlines by announcing his decision to exit the music scene in December, all in favor of pursuing a political career.

His motivations for this transition stemmed from the ongoing criticism and backlash he faced from NUP supporters, despite his clear stance on keeping politics separate from his artistic endeavors.

Alien Skin even took the step of publicly declining an offer from Bobi Wine, asserting that he was not in a position to bestow any political chances.

Instead, he recommended other figures such as Ronald Mayinja and Big Eye as worthy contenders for such opportunities, yet Mayinja, too, declined the offer.

Now, Alien Skin, accompanied by his proteges, has made a high-profile appearance at the Fangone headquarters in Makindye, officially launching their political party.

During this event, they proudly showcased what appeared to be bulletproof vests and hats, capturing the attention of onlookers and the media.

Rumors circulating suggest that some Members of Parliament, who harbor doubts about securing NUP tickets for their re-election to Parliament, have been discreetly gravitating towards Fangone headquarters in Makindye.

Alien Skin’s entry into the political arena has sparked a new wave of anticipation and intrigue, as he seeks to carve his own path in this challenging terrain.


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