Pastor Aloysius Bugingo and Susan Makula Expecting Their First Child: A Joyful Journey of Love and New Beginnings

Exciting news has reached our news desk as reports indicate that Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, the leader of House of Prayer Ministries, and his wife, Susan Makula Bugingo, are expecting their first child together.

The announcement was made by none other than renowned media personality Isaac Daniel Katende, widely known as Kasuku, who shared the news on his YouTube channel, Kasuku Live. Kasuku, a close friend of the couple, revealed this heartwarming development without providing specific details regarding the stage of the pregnancy.


The news of this forthcoming addition to the Bugingo family has sent ripples of excitement and curiosity through their dedicated followers and well-wishers. The couple’s journey, from their initial relationship to this significant milestone, has been a subject of public interest due to the unique circumstances surrounding their union.

In 2021, Pastor Bugingo took the significant step of officially visiting Susan Makula’s parents, a move that strongly hinted at the depth of their commitment to each other. This visit came in the wake of Bugingo’s divorce proceedings with his estranged wife, Teddy Naluswa.

Pastor Bugingo and Teddy Naluswa share four children together: three daughters named Doreen Gift, Winnie, and Jenifer Bugingo, as well as a son named Miracle Bugingo.

The forthcoming arrival of their first child together is a joyful chapter in Pastor Bugingo and Susan Makula’s life, demonstrating their evolving family dynamics and the happiness that the future holds for them.

As the Bugingo family prepares to welcome their newest member, their supporters eagerly await further news and updates on this heartwarming journey of love, commitment, and new beginnings.


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