Is Carol Nantongo and Lydia Jazmine Bonking the Same Guy? Carol Takes It Personal, Blocks Lydia on Instagram

Recent reports suggest that singer Carol Nantongo has taken a significant step by unfollowing Lydia Jazmine on Instagram. The alleged reason behind this move points to a love triangle involving the two talented musicians and a mysterious man.

Sources claim that both Carol and Lydia have been entangled with the same man, whose identity remains undisclosed. This benefactor has reportedly been financially supporting and showering both singers with gifts.


The harmony took a dissonant turn when Carol discovered that Lydia was also romantically involved with the same man behind her back. Consequently, Carol opted to sever social media ties with her fellow artist.

The repercussions of this love triangle on their music careers and their relationship with fans remain uncertain. The unfolding drama adds an unexpected twist to the narratives of these two musicians, leaving fans curious about the impact on both their personal lives and professional trajectories.


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