Eddy Kenzo Ayambaalidde Bobi Wine, Lekeerawo Okumanyiira

Eddy Kenzo has swiftly responded to rumors suggesting that he was barred from approaching Bobi Wine at the recently concluded “Ebiseera Ebyo” concert by King Saha.

Speculations arose after the event at Hotel Africana, claiming that Eddy Kenzo had attempted to engage with Bobi Wine but was prevented by Bobi’s security.


In a press conference held at the UNMF head offices in Mutundwe, Eddy Kenzo categorically dismissed these allegations, deeming them baseless and untrue.

Kenzo framed the situation as a matter of respect and hierarchy within the music industry. He argued that, as the president of Uganda’s music industry, he holds a position of higher authority than Bobi Wine. Therefore, he asserted that it is Bobi Wine’s responsibility to approach him and show due respect.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining his stature in the industry, Kenzo stated that initiating a greeting towards Bobi Wine would compromise his position and authority.

Firmly denying any attempt to engage with Bobi Wine at King Saha’s concert, Eddy Kenzo made it clear that he had no interest in creating unnecessary drama. His response aims to set the record straight and dispel any misconceptions surrounding the alleged incident.


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