Mind Your Business – Winnie Nwagi’s Father Tells Speaker Anita Among

In a recent call for action, a prominent Ugandan singer, whose father is a transport operator, urged the Ministry of Transport to regulate fares that experience exorbitant hikes during the festive season. The singer emphasized the economic challenges, stating that many people are financially strained.

Contrary to this plea, another voice, Kabiito, argued that the government itself has failed in regulating transport fares.


He suggested that the singer should focus on issues directly related to her, such as advocating for improved road conditions, rather than delving into fare regulation.

Highlighting the factors contributing to high costs, Kabiito pointed out that taxes have significantly impacted items like fuel and tires. He emphasized that the government should address these underlying issues, allowing market forces to dictate fares.

Expressing frustration, Kabiito stated, “I think the Speaker should concern herself with her line of business and stop poking her nose where it shouldn’t be. Things such as roads, lowering taxes are what she should do. But she won’t instruct us on what to do, and we shall do as we please.”

Amidst the discussion on transport fares, questions about the singer’s personal life arose, with inquiries about when his daughter, Winnie Nwagi, plans to get married.

Nwagi’s father dismissed such notions, stating that his daughter is still young, merely 18 years old. He asserted that when the time is right, she will introduce a suitor, urging everyone to let her be for now.

Addressing an incident where Nwagi kicked fans, her father came to her defense, supporting her actions by stating that the fans had crossed boundaries and bad-touched her.

This revelation added a personal dimension to the public discourse, emphasizing the challenges artists face in maintaining personal boundaries.


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