PLEASE ADVISE ME “No Man Wants to Date Me”- Lady with Big Nose Cries Bitterly

On TikTok, Ammie Sweeshy, a young woman, recently opened up about her quest for love and the challenges she perceives due to her prominent nose.

The emotional video captured a vulnerable Ammie shedding tears as she responded to a follower’s inquiry about her relationship status, expressing a deep yearning for a boyfriend.


In the heartfelt clip, Ammie didn’t shy away from highlighting her big nose, a feature she felt might be hindering her romantic pursuits.

While she didn’t specify whether her nose was a natural characteristic or related to a medical condition, her sincerity resonated with viewers, eliciting sympathy and empathy from those who watched the video.

The TikTok video quickly went viral, drawing attention and diverse reactions from viewers. Some offered words of encouragement, emphasizing that Ammie’s appearance should not be a barrier to finding love and that she was inherently beautiful, regardless of her nose size.

Ammie’s honesty and vulnerability were applauded by many, with viewers pointing out that beauty takes various forms. The consensus was that confidence, personality, and unique qualities matter more than conforming to conventional standards of beauty. Ammie’s authenticity in sharing her feelings with the world garnered commendation, turning her into a relatable figure for many.

Through her TikTok videos, Ammie continues her journey of self-acceptance, occasionally referencing her nose and exploring various topics with her audience. Despite moments of insecurity, her resilience shines through, resonating with those who appreciate her authenticity.

The story serves as a reminder that attractiveness is subjective, and the foundation of any relationship lies in the connection, shared values, and mutual respect between individuals.

Although Ammie Sweeshy may currently face challenges in her romantic life, her openness and willingness to share her story have created a supportive online community. Ultimately, her experience underscores the idea that genuine connections can transcend physical appearance in the realm of love.

Reactions as a lady cries over the lack of a boyfriend

@dawgtreyna said:

“Funny enough the nose actually fits you. You are still a fine girl though.”

@Princesseron commented:

“Don’t worry, dear. Even those who have small noses, some don’t have. So yours will come and will be just as special as you.”

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“You’re so beautiful, don’t let what people say ruin you. I’m single in case you need a boyfriend, let me know.”


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