Once lovers now enemies! Caroline Marcah at war with MC Kats

In the realm of media personalities, a storm is brewing as longtime lovers, media personality Caroline Marcah and MC Kats (Katamba Edwin), find themselves embroiled in a heated social media feud. The battleground? Comments made about their fellow television presenters.

The friction between MC Kats and Caroline Marcah began to surface during the Covid-19 lockdown, reaching a breaking point when MC Kats’ ex-partner and baby mama, Fille, re-entered the scene, leading to the demise of their relationship.


Since then, the animosity has spilled over onto social media, with both parties engaging in a public exchange of jabs and barbs. The conflict appears to be escalating with each passing day.

Caroline Marcah, in particular, has not minced words when it comes to expressing her sentiments about MC Kats. She advocates for unity within the media industry and urges her former partner to refrain from making disparaging remarks about their colleagues, emphasizing that everyone in the industry started from humble beginnings.

In a pointed message, Marcah implores MC Kats to consider the shared history of many media professionals who originated from either NationMedia or NewVision.

She highlights that a significant portion of the shows currently airing is a derivative of what was previously showcased on Ntv or SparkTv. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of maintaining credibility amid competition.

“70% of the employees, including yourself, came from either NationMedia or NewVision. 90% of the shows airing were a second wash of what was already on Ntv or SparkTv.

You very much need AirPlay for your musicians too, remember? Don’t lose credibility in the name of competition, fam 🙏🏾,” cautions Caroline Marcah, as the media clash continues to capture the attention of onlookers.


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