“Phiona Nyamutoro mukyalawange oba mufa mufe” Eddy Kenzo Confesses

In recent weeks, the Ugandan entertainment scene has been buzzing with speculation surrounding the rumored romance between singer Eddy Kenzo and the newly appointed Junior Minister of Energy, Phiona Nyamutoro. Now, amidst the swirl of rumors, Kenzo has finally broken his silence and confirmed the truth behind the speculations.

The duo’s frequent public appearances and seemingly inseparable presence have ignited a flurry of rumors regarding their relationship status.


However, it was Kenzo’s public congratulations to Nyamutoro upon her elevation to the position of Minister of State for Minerals in a recent cabinet reshuffle that truly fueled the fire, sending social media into a frenzy.

In a video captured after a football match, Kenzo expressed gratitude to his teammates for their support and brotherhood, and he thanked one teammate for a gift, revealing that the gesture was prompted by his wife’s (Phiona Nyamutoro) ministerial appointment.

Adding to the speculation, reports emerged suggesting that Kenzo had proposed to Nyamutoro in a secret engagement ceremony.

Sources close to the couple revealed that Nyamutoro proudly flaunted a shiny ring on her finger, confirming the exciting news to a select few friends.

According to Lillian Aber, a close friend and colleague of Minister Nyamutoro, the proposal occurred during a celebratory dinner to mark Nyamutoro’s cabinet appointment.

Aber disclosed in a WhatsApp group that Nyamutoro was overwhelmed with joy as she recounted the romantic moment when Kenzo surprised her by getting down on one knee.

As fans eagerly await official confirmation from the pair regarding the status of their relationship, social media remains abuzz with discussions and debates about the budding romance between the music sensation and the esteemed minister.


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