Prima Kadarshi Opens Up About Her Relationship with Geosteady: A Journey Marked by Love and Struggle

Prima Kadarshi recently shared details about her romantic relationship with singer Geosteady, revealing that it was marred by incidents of domestic violence.

Their relationship began when she was in Senior Five and he was in Senior Six vacation. As their bond grew stronger, they welcomed their first daughter, further solidifying their family.


However, the challenges of motherhood, including stretch marks, increased responsibilities, and weight gain, took a toll on Prima. When Geosteady rose to fame with his hit song, they faced additional obstacles as other women vied for his attention.

Prima’s insecurities led to conflicts with these women, both online and in their neighborhood, as she sought to protect her relationship.

She recounted instances where she intervened upon hearing about Geosteady’s involvement with other women, only to face physical abuse and bear the scars on her body.

Prima mentioned that Geosteady had relationships with video vixens and other women, leading to instances of infidelity and ultimately their fallout.


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