Have You Watched It? Selina afaulumiza akatambi akabakulu || wabula alina work

Selina, the beloved TikToker from Uganda, is once again lighting up the weekend with her latest video, ensuring that boredom is banished without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Years ago, Selina captured hearts with her infectious energy, earning accolades as one of Uganda’s finest. Now, she’s back in the spotlight, determined to reclaim her trending status with a new release.


In a culture where fame holds significant allure, many young Ugandan women aspire to the limelight, willing to go to great lengths to achieve it.

Some, like Selina, seize the opportunity to shine by sharing their talents on platforms like TikTok, regardless of the consequences for their families or personal lives.

For Selina, it appears that fame outweighs any familial concerns or public opinions, as she fearlessly marches to the beat of her own TikTok trends, undeterred by the chatter around her.


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