A Decade of Love: Irene Namatovu’s Heartfelt Tribute to Husband Hon. Geoffrey Lutaaya

As they celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, Diva Irene Namatovu has penned a stunning love letter to her husband, Hon. Geoffrey Lutaaya. In her heartfelt message, Irene expresses profound gratitude and deep love for her partner, celebrating a decade of shared life and love.

“Happy anniversary, sweetheart. Spending the future with you has been more exciting, and I am ready for more,” Irene concludes her touching letter.


Here is Irene’s beautiful letter in full: A solid marriage rarely finds both partners strong at the same time; it means being there for each other during the best and worst moments of your lives, through thick and thin, and all this I have achieved with you, my love.

My dear husband, thank you for being you. Thanks for sharing your love with me, inspiring me to be myself, and mostly for showing me that love is something you do; something not just said but practically shown.

You made me a mother to a beautiful family, and thank you for being the most loving and caring father to our children.

You make fatherhood look so easy.

Our journey together has had its ups and downs, but I thank God that we have made it to our 10th anniversary.

There are no words to describe the love I feel for you on this day.

We may have changed since we first met many years ago, but through that, we have only grown closer.

I love you so much!

Happy anniversary, sweetheart. Spending the future with you has been more exciting. #NdiReady.


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