I Don’t See Myself Getting Married To Prima – Geosteady Clears The Air

Singer Hassan George Kigozi also known as Geosteady, has cleared the air about his relationship with baby mama Prima Kardashi. He said he doesn’t see himself getting married to her.

These two dated for more than eight years. They even attempted to officially get married in 2019 but it ended at only an introduction ceremony. A few months after the introduction ceremony, they got into a fight. Geosteady went to Prima’s apartment and destroyed all her property.

Like any other tired married woman in a relationship, after the fight, Prima Kardashi picked up their two young daughters, moved on to another apartment, and started a new life.

That’s how Prima met Galaxy FM radio presenter Mr. Henrie and the two started the relationship.

Mr. Henrie took on the father’s responsibility in the lives of Prima’s two little girls. Two years into the relationship, she decided to move on from Mr. Henrie and went back to Geosteady. However, Geosteady was already in another relationship.

In a recent interview, Geosteady said they are not in a relationship and he is not seeing himself marrying Prima Kardashi. He said he used to have a vision of marriage but it all disappeared when they separated.

“I don’t see myself getting married to Prima. I used to have that vision but not anymore,” he said.


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