Spice 4

KIWEDDE! Spice Diana ali Lubuto Expecting First Child: Joyous News for Fans and Music Community

Sources close to the Source Management singer Hajarah Namukwaya, known as Spice Diana, reveal that her hard work and dedication have culminated in a joyous milestone—she is reportedly pregnant with her first... Read more »

GIWUNYE! Mr. TikTok Deno akwatidwa police lwakusasaanya butambi bwa Milky Bae

A popular TikToker known as “Mr. TikTok Deno” was arrested by Kampala police this morning following accusations of spreading false reports about fellow TikTok user Nalunga, who goes by the handle “Milky... Read more »

TikToker Milky Bae’s Alleged ‘Enkudi’  Videos Leave Ugandans Speechless

A video purportedly showcasing TikTok sensation Milly Bae has taken social media by storm, captivating viewers with what is described as her remarkable physique. The clip, which has garnered widespread attention, prominently... Read more »

HOO! Akatambi ka TikToker Milly Bae kongedde okusaasaana wakalabye? banange Omwaana alinawork yena

A video featuring the famous TikToker Milly Bae is currently making waves across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X. The video’s release has led to widespread speculation about who shared... Read more »

Pallaso Falls on Stage While Performing at Salongo Siraje‘s Nalu Nalu Concert

In a recent video shared by Blizz Uganda, Pallaso was seen delivering one of his trademark high-energy performances when an unexpected mishap occurred. Known for his dynamic stage presence, Pallaso was performing... Read more »

FIK GAZA KAWEDEMU!! Kalifah AgaNaga Files Assault Charges Against him

Controversial singer Sadat Mukiibi, known by his stage name Kalifah AgaNaga, has officially filed an assault case against fellow musician Fik Gaza and his associate, King Zali. The altercation, during which AgaNaga... Read more »

GIWUNYE!! Singer Mudra Wanted by Police Amidst Allegations of Theft and Threats Against Carol Sky

Rising star Carol Sky has pressed charges against renowned singer Mudra, accusing him of theft and making threats. Sky claims that Mudra conned her out of over Shs 27 million for a... Read more »
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“Olubuto terwekweka,’’ Rema Namakula ayanukudde aba social media

Renowned singer Rema Namakula recently addressed the speculation about her pregnancy in a candid interview. A video circulating on social media showed her donning traditional Muslim attire with a noticeable baby bump,... Read more »

Ka Video ko ‘Kwepicha’ akomukulu we diini wakalabye? Kaakano kagenze viral

Social media is ablaze following the leak of a controversial *** featuring one of Uganda’s top Catholic priests, Father Lucian Twinamatsiko Ambunga. The footage, which has rapidly gone viral, shows Father Lucian... Read more »

Bruno K’s Fourth Baby Malaika Introduced to the Media: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Bruno K, the renowned musician and beloved public figure, has joyfully introduced his fourth child, Malaika, to the world. The proud father shared this exciting news with the media, delighting fans and... Read more »