FIK GAZA KAWEDEMU!! Kalifah AgaNaga Files Assault Charges Against him

Controversial singer Sadat Mukiibi, known by his stage name Kalifah AgaNaga, has officially filed an assault case against fellow musician Fik Gaza and his associate, King Zali. The altercation, during which AgaNaga was reportedly struck, prompted this legal action.

The charges were filed at Kiira Road Police Station, where AgaNaga expressed his hope that Fik Gaza and King Zali would be summoned for questioning regarding their dispute.


Initially, AgaNaga, who heads Bad Character Records, was hesitant to pursue legal action against Fik Gaza and his entourage. However, following advice from authorities, he decided to proceed with the case, registering it under the reference SD REF: 69/05/06/2024.

As the police begin their investigation, many hope this action will help address the issue of artists associating with violent gangs. The outcome of this case could set a precedent for curbing such behavior within the music industry.


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