MUMPE KUMAGEZI : Family yange yanegaana lwakufumbirwa musajja mulema

Life often presents us with peculiar and inexplicable events, and all we can do is learn to live with them, no matter how strange or frightening they may be, while seeking divine... Read more »

YOU ARE A BIG TRAITOR!! NUP Councilor Kicked Out Of Office For Attending Hon Mathias Mpuuga Thanksgiving Ceremony

Following Nyendo-Mukungwe MP Mathias Mpuuga’s recent thanksgiving ceremony at Kitovu Sports Arena in Masaka City, tensions within the National Unity Platform (NUP) have escalated. A councilor who attended the event faced an... Read more »

RIP; Nyamira Boys High School Senior Teacher Ends Own Life After Losing Sh30,000 to Aviator Bet

The Nyamira Boys High School community is in deep mourning following the devastating loss of Kevin Omwenga, the school’s Deputy Principal. Omwenga, a 30-year-old educator, tragically took his own life after losing... Read more »

😭😭Abantu 4 bafilidde mukabenje nabalala 1 nebadusibwa mu drarilo taxi 2 wezitomereganye e Kiwawu Mityana -Kampala road

A devastating crash involving two taxis on Friday night has resulted in the deaths of at least four individuals and left 11 others seriously injured. The accident occurred at Kiwawu, along the... Read more »

Judith Babirye Shines Again: Graduates with Master’s in Migration and Diaspora Studies ’ Degree from Carleton University

Uganda’s celebrated gospel artist and former Member of Parliament, Judith Babirye, has added another remarkable achievement to her illustrious career. Babirye graduated with a Master of Arts in Migration and Diaspora Studies... Read more »

‘Shifula’ Hozambee From TikTok Sensation to Aspiring Entrepreneur

Maria Mutoni, better known as Shifrah (stylized as Shifula), recently shared her transformative journey in an interview on Sanyuka TV. Originally from Fort Portal, Shifrah’s life took a dramatic turn after participating... Read more »

Iryn Namubiru reveals how she met the father of her 2 sons | From Sabrina’s Pub to Stardom

Iryn Namubiru recently revealed that her first interaction with Frank Morel, with whom she shares two sons, happened while she was performing on stage at Sabrina’s Pub. This iconic venue, known for... Read more »

Milk Bae akyewera Kuyafulumiza Obutambibwe obwobuseegu | Agamba olutalo telunagwa

A man has been detained by police in Kampala for allegedly sharing a nude video purporting to be of popular TikToker, Ms. Doreen Nalunga, also known as Milk Bae. Denis Nsubuga is... Read more »

Eddy Kenzo Honors Dr. Jose Chameleone, Calls for Greater Recognition

This week, singer Eddy Kenzo, through the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), paid tribute to fellow artist Dr. Jose Chameleone during a jam session at Allure Hotel in Mutundwe. The event saw... Read more »

Juliana Kanyomozi Criticizes Patrick Salvado’s Tribal Jokes

Renowned Ugandan singer Juliana Kanyomozi has expressed her displeasure with certain jokes made by Ugandan comedians, including Patrick Salvado, that she feels cross the line into offensive territory by over-emphasizing tribal differences.... Read more »