GIWUNYE!! Singer Mudra Wanted by Police Amidst Allegations of Theft and Threats Against Carol Sky

Rising star Carol Sky has pressed charges against renowned singer Mudra, accusing him of theft and making threats. Sky claims that Mudra conned her out of over Shs 27 million for a song they collaborated on, which Mudra failed to promote despite receiving payment.

Mudra has denied all allegations, but Carol Sky has escalated the issue by involving the police. She alleges that Mudra has been sending her threats, warning her that she would “learn a lesson.” Despite the intimidation, Carol Sky remains steadfast in her pursuit of justice.


In a twist, Carol Sky has also directed criticism at fellow singer Ava Peace. She explains that Ava Peace sent Mudra a video of Carol’s interview where she exposed the alleged injustice. This, according to Carol, prompted Mudra to threaten her as a way to prove his dominance to Ava Peace.

Carol Sky further ridiculed Ava Peace, calling her a fool for reuniting with Mudra despite his derogatory remarks about her post-breakup.

“I attacked Ava Peace because she pushed Mudra to insult me. She sent him the video of my interview, and as a man, he wanted to prove a point to his ‘wife’ by attacking me.

I even laugh at Ava Peace because the things I know about her are shocking. When she broke up with Mudra, he and his crew bad-mouthed her, but I’m surprised they got back together,” she said.

The unfolding drama has left the music industry buzzing, as fans and fellow artists await the outcome of the legal proceedings.


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