VIDEO: Frank Gashumba on relationship with lady that leaked audio

Frank Gashumba has revealed the relationship he has with the lady who allegedly leaked his audio. Frank Gashumba’s audio about his daughter leaked on social media yesterday evening and it has been making rounds on social media ever since it leaked.

In the audio, Frank Gashumba wastalking to his friend who is mentioned known as Diana. He was telling Diana all his personal problems with his daughter.

In the audio again, Frank Gashumba was devastated by Sheila Gashumba’s behavior saying she has no respect for him. When Frank Gashumba was asked what could be the problem and who could have leaked the audio.

According to Frank Gashumba, the person he was talking to is a friend named Diana in the United States of America. He said Diana denied leaking the audio and now he doesn’t know how it got on social media for everyone to listen to.


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