Disappointment As Few Singers Turn Up For The Burial Of Grace Khan’s Father

There was disappointment for singer Grace Khan during the burial of her father, Mr. Njagala Michael after a number of musicians failed to turn up. There was only a handful of these. And it has become a common phenomenon that when an artist loses a loved one, they come in handy to support him/her.

Fellow musician Carol Nantongo who was present expressed her disappointment. She said that she doesn’t know why a majority of these didn’t turn up. But it at least helped Grace to know her real friends.

“I don’t know why many of these didn’t turn up in such a trying time for our fellow musician. Maybe they have their own issues which I don’t want to delve into. But hopefully, this has helped Grace to know her real friends. It’s in times of sorrow that you know people’s true selves,” said Carol Nantongo.

Grace Khan also expressed disappointment in her fellow musicians not turning up. She however thanked all those who came through, called her and assisted her in various ways. The Njakufa Naye singer also refuted rumors that her father had died years back.

Grace Khan said that she’s never declared her father dead. She just didn’t grow up with him and he got involved in her life just for 2 years before passing away.

“I want to thank all those musicians who have come through plus all those who called me such as Maureen Nantume. I also want to put away the rumor that my father died years ago. And I don’t know how that came about but it wasn’t certainly from me. The fact is that he wasn’t so involved in my life while growing up. I just got to know him for the past 2 years and then he died,” a tearful Grace Khan said.

She however added that he was a sweetheart because he brought her into the world. Besides he was so proud of her as he would flaunt her name wherever.


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