Gwe ka Sheebah nzijaako obusilu ate lekeelawo okwesiliwaza!!   – Bajjo Responds To Sheebah’s Claims Of Not Knowing Him

Controversial events Promoter, Bajjo, is not about to take singer Sheebah’s claims of not knowing him positively. He said Sheebah is just a stupid person for making such a statement in public yet she claims to be one of the best in the music industry.

For the last few weeks, Promoter Bajjo has been hard on Ugandan artists. It all started when Bajjo released a list of artists with the standard amount of money to be paid to them on shows.

None of the artists was pleased with the list. Most of them said Bajjo is out of his mind. Some said he doesn’t have the audacity to say anything about an artiste and their payments.

When Sheebah was asked in an interview what she thinks about Bajjo and the list, she said she doesn’t know him and neither has she ever heard anything about him. He made a social media live video calling out Sheebah saying she is a very stupid artist. He added that she is not talented and just being pushed to make money.

According to him, she is even a piglet that doesn’t know anything. After defending her when Bebe Cool attacked her, she has now betrayed him saying she doesn’t know him.

“Sheebah, you’re just a stupid artist if you say you have never heard about me or know my name. I remember defending you when Bebe Cool attacked you and now this is how you’re paying me. I am not surprised because you are one of the piglets I know,”he said.


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