Instead of looking after his Children, Bruno K Bails Out KIU Student Stuck with Tuition Balance

In what I can call a twist of events, a Kampala International University (KIU) student, Ms Sharon Nakanwagi has bagged Shs. 1,000,000 from Bruno K after the latter staked Shs. 100K in pursuit to fulfill the student’s plea.

It all started on April 12th when Ms Nakanwagi, who was struggling with a solid tuition arrear at KIU, landed on a tweet by Bruno K indicating a giveaway in the ongoing 1xBET campaign #WangulaNe1xBET.

Holding only to hope and faced with the prospect of having to miss her exams, the young lady wrote to Bruno K saying:

“Hi, Bruno K, I have been seeing you helping people. Please help me clear my tuition, balance is 1.2m and I wouldn’t want to miss my finals.”

Upon seeing her humble request, singer Bruno K, deemed it wise to stake Shs. 100K on a 3-match ticket which would multiply to 1million; all with an aim to keep Nakanwagi’s hope alive.

“I have an idea, Sharifa. I have 100k on my mobile money right now. I am going to place a bet on tomorrow’s Europa matches. In case I am lucky, I am going to give you whatever I win you put it on your tuition,” Bruno K said on Wednesday last week

Neither Bruno nor Nakwanwagi were certain about the outcome of this risk. Top of it, a lot of netizens on twitter wondered why Bruno did not just hand the 100K to the lady, other than subjecting it on a very risky bet.

Fast forward, catching everyone by surprise, the bet-ticket emerged successful with Shs. 1,000,000 proceeds following the tension of the choice made to bet on 3 games.

Nakanwagi holds gratiftude and a smile after receiving the cash in hand from Bruno on Sunday.

“I made a promise to Nakanwagi Sharon, and I have finally fulfilled my promise. She reached out to me on Wednesday and asked me to help her with 1 million Ugx so that she can clear her tuition balance and be able to sit for her finals”

“I didn’t have that money at that time. So I placed a Bet with 1xBet. I put 100k on the Man United Sevilla draw plus 2 other games. My receipt successfully went through, and the final payout was 1m. Today, I drove to KiU and handed this money to this young lady so that she can be able to do her finals and graduate. I wish you all the best my sister Nakanwagi.”Bruno K penned an emotional message acknowledging delivery of the cash to the student.

This wouldn’t have been a reality without Bruno K in conjunction with 1xBET (courtesy of giveaway).

In her appreciation tweet very recently, Nakanwagi wrote:“Best human being with a big helping heart and hand..Bruno k.thank you so much dia.may God reward you with what u want …thank you for pushing my education with such a big help…”

However, it’s important to note that betting should not be seen as a sustainable way of solving financial problems especially for students, this is simply a story of its own kind and luck.



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