“I Control Men with my Body”- Lady with big “nhyash”

“I Control Men with my Body”- Lady with big nhyash . Read Full After sharing a video of herself flaunting her large nyash while wearing a pink dress on TikTok, one user recently generated confusion on the internet.

The reason she was wearing such revealing clothing was a topic of much discussion online when the video went viral.

In the footage, the woman was seen donning a pink dress that was fitted, with a high slit, and a low neckline. She also had braided hair and was sporting a pair of heels.

Her nyash was evident as she danced and spun about, and the video immediately gained popularity. On social media, reactions to the video were mixed. Some said the woman was dressed inappropriately and ought to have picked something more modest.

Others, however, felt that she shouldn’t be restricted in what she wears because she was only expressing her own sense of style.


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